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GinA, fka Gina Lynn Turcotte

I was born in Augusta Maine at 9:16am on Tuesday, December 17, 1968 to Alice and Joseph Turcotte. My mother gave me the name Gina Lynn Turcotte even though my father wanted to name me Rose Marie. This was an indication of the stark conflict in my parents' relationship ~ they were exact opposites and almost never agreed about anything. 

Through the years, because of the many unresolved painful experiences I have had interacting with my parents and their repeated unwillingness (or inability) to behave like supportive loving parents, and after warning them repeatedly that I will disconnect from them if they continue to disrespect me, I made the decision to change my legal name in 2013.

My legal name change became final on December 19, 2014 in Kennebec County Probate Court.

My new legal name is just GinA (with a capital A). I no longer associate with the Turcotte family and no longer carry their family name primarily because they never treated me like a valued member of the Turcotte family so I see no reason to include myself in their world.

For a better understanding underlying my decision to change my name and disconnect from the Turcotte family, you can read some of my emails between myself and my family.

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