Email from My Step-Mother, November 9, 2007

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Hi Gina, Your dad asked me to forward this email to you…it might help. 

If you want to come home of course you are welcome.  However, as you know, we are unable to finance it, but we would do the best we could.  So until that is possible, please hang in there and do everything in your power to help Jenna get a job so she can help with the expenses and eventually get a car that you both can use.  You just have to ask one of your nice friends to drive Jenna around until she finds a job with the promise that she will pay them for the gas once she lands one.  Be positive and make it work.  Don’t accept defeat, you can do it.  You have a brand new life in a warmer climate.  We wish we could help more, but with neither of us working full time, we are struggling with our own regular bills and medical bills.  God gave you that superior brain for a purpose…you can do it.  Have faith in yourself and Jenna.  You are both above average.  Work together.  Be thankful that you have one another and know that we love you both very much.  I typed this, but your dad edited it very carefully, so it really comes from both of us. 


Love, Dad and Raye

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