Email to My Father, October 21, 1999

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Thank you, Dad, for the email. (You typed that all by yourself?? Haha) As it was I stayed at work until 6:30 last night to make up for the time I missed in the morning.


I am trying very, very hard to be a good person, mother, daughter, employee and everything else I’m supposed to be but sometimes it gets so hard that I feel like giving up. Fortunately, though, I’m too damn stubborn to give up so I guess we don’t have to worry about that ever happening… 

Thank you, also, for your support regarding my job. Driving to Portland has been quite rough, but the sacrifice is definitely worth the payoff (the experience, salary, benefits, etc…) 

You know how very much I love you and appreciate everything you do. (By the way, thank you for offering to pay for my car repairs yesterday. I felt I needed to take care of it myself since I am an adult now and am trying to become more independent. Can’t do that if I let you bail me out, now can I?) 

Anyway, the email was exactly what I needed and I know how difficult it was for you to say everything you said (not including actually typing it yourself…) Knowing that, your words mean so much more. 

I Love You, Dad!!! 




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Sent:          Thursday, October 21, 1999 11:14 AM

To:             Gina Lynn Turcotte

Subject:     success not failure


Hi Gina,   I stopped in to see tom Wednesday on my way home from running errands,and he told me how upset you were when you got there. I want to say I am very sorry for the way I acted. I am not very good at making snap decisions. There wasn't much I do except to look at your car, tell you the pipe is broken and then send you to tom's. I understand that you think in my eyes that you are a failure. Well I am going to tell you again young lady like I've told you before , that is a bunch of bull. You have taken that bull by the horns and made someone of yourself. You have struggled,have never given up,gone to school while working and taken good care of jenna, and in the process taken good care of your house. You have got a good job , put in some long days,including traveling,meeting jenna's needs and trying to make ends meet.Now if that is the definition of being a failure, someone had better rewrite the dictionary. I would say that is being quite successful. I know you try to please me by asking my opinion before making a decision, which I appreciate. As you know I don't usually agree with you because I have different ways of  looking at problems than you do. I like to think about it before making a decision. You are a very smart girl, but your priorities are a little backwards. You have a habit of leaping before you look. Other than that and telling, instead showing people how very smart you are [which you are doing a very good job especially around me of controlling that] I think you are perfect in every way. I know I am a very hard person to deal with, but I do that so you won't get yourself into too much hot water.  I admit I am not very well educated, but I do consider myself street smart, because i've been there and done that. Just continue doing things the way you have been and do not give up. You know I will not always agree with you, because that is me. YOU ARE A SUCCESS IN MY EYES .

Keep up the good work.  Tell jenna hi and I LOVE AND AM PROUD OF BOTH OF YOU, and PROUD of the way you are handling yours and jenna's lives.


Me and Dad, Bangor Maine 1987


Me and Dad, Farmingdale Maine 1996


Me and Dad, My Birthday 2004

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